Daily Prompt: Uniform

via Daily Prompt: Uniform

It was the morning of June 6, 1944. Major Werner Pluscat, the cammander of one of the shore batteries of the Normandy beach in occupied France woke up to the thundering sound of shelling by the ships of the allied navy. The flying debris soiled his impeccable Wermaht uniform. He peeped through the gun hole and saw thousands of allied ships – those of the USA, Canada, Britain and Australia assembled in the English channel. He was stunned, though not shaken. A German officer in uniform should not be timid or shaken, Hitler had commanded. (the Arian race, isn’t it?) Well, to make the story short, the allied army under the command of Dwight D Eisenhower landed successfully on the Normandy coast. From then onward, the allied army raced through France and entered Germany and defeated it in less than ten months. How was the victory possible? Genl. Eisenhower himself had acknowledged – it was the combined victory of the bravery of the uniformed soldier as well as the tireless effort and sacrifice of the soldiers who fought without uniform. He meant the underground force of the French resistance. But what had happened to the German Panzer Division reserved some distance away from the coast? It could not be moved without express consent by the Furher. But Hitler was sleeping in his bunker. No one had the courage to wake him up. The military genius responsible for the coastal defence, Field Marshal Irwin Rommel, was in Herlingen, Germany, his home town. Cornelius Ryan has immortalized the heroes of the Normandy landing in his famous book ‘The Longest Day’






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