We can learn from the world community.

via Daily Prompt: Symbiosis

SYMBIOSIS is living together of two organisms to the mutual benefit of both. But a man went beyond the literal meaning of the word. In 1971, he started an international university in Pune, near Bombay (now called Mumbai) where students from many countries of the world live together in their pursuit of knowledge. The centre of education is aptly called ‘Symbiosis International University’. Naturally, it may prove to be the starting point for international understanding and co-operation. This international university is by no means the first in the history of India. Even as early as the sixth century B.C., a university had started functioning somewhere in the Sind province of the present day Pakistan. (Before 1947, it was a part of undivided India). It was named Taksha shila ( As the pronunciation of the name undoubtedly presented some difficulty to the western tongue, the English historians conveniently called it Taxila). Many students from beyond the borders of India – upto Greece in the west and from countries like Uzbekistan, Kazhakasthan, Mongolia, etc. in the north west studied in this university. The university was destroyed by the invaders from the west and north-west about 500 A.D. Another university came into being in the present day Bihar state of India. It was called Nalanda University. It functioned from about 500 AD to about 1300 AD. It attracted students from as far as Korea, China, etc. This university too was closed by the later day invaders. Could education, like wordpress.com prove to be a unifying factor?


5 thoughts on “We can learn from the world community.

  1. As long as one unique thing, such as knowledge attract young minds, students will find a way to work together, ignore their differences and help each other in pursuing their goals. I have seen it done in Balkan. However, I think that politics have made more people dumb and insensitive to other people, and so we are stuck in this place of hate. Hope still lives, and we have to preserve it, or learn how to be more tolerant and accomplish the symbiosis.

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