The dreams have a meaning

via Daily Prompt: Meaningless

Many people think that dreams are meaningless display of unconnected and disjointed memories of our past experiences. I strongly believe that dreams are the reflections of our inner mind – like the unfulfilled wishes, things we have ignored or forgotten, certain facts which may have faded from our memory or some significant things we may have overlooked and so on. The dreams may bring an important matter to the attention of our conscious mind. If we learn to interpret the dreams, we may unravel the thoughts running in our inner mind. For example, we may have misplaced a key somewhere. But our inner mind, which is always awake, notes it and tries to bring it to our conscious mind by way of a dream – how and where we misplaced the key. But the inner mind’s language is a childish gibber. Once we learn the correct way of interpreting this apparently meaningless gibber, we can solve many problems.


5 thoughts on “The dreams have a meaning

  1. I feel the same way Sir. Once I had a dream about my dearly departed Grandma. I realised it was because I was unable to meet her in her last months. It was as if my mind tried to give me closure on her death. Good post!

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