The happiest moment in my life.

via Daily Prompt: Acceptance

What was the happiest moment in my life?

The day I passed my first university examination with a first class?

The day I was married?

No doubt, I felt quite happy on those days. But my happiest moment was when I got the acceptance letter from the editor of a reputed magazine. It was my first story and I was in cloud nine when I came to know that my story had been selected for publication. If you think deeply, you will know that apart from his basic needs like food and water, man craves for ‘acceptance’ from his fellow human beings. When the child is not ‘accepted’ by his play-mates, he starts crying. It is followed by ‘acceptance’ by the hostel-mates, colleagues in an office, and so on. Another word used with the same connotation is ‘recognition’.


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