Men go by label and not by reason

via Daily Prompt: Label

Once, Samuel Longhorn Clemens, wanted to play prank on his friends. He bought a packet of cheap cigars, removed their labels, substituted them with labels of expensive cigars and passed them off as genuine ones. His friends were all praise for the “expensive” cigars, commented on the aroma, and generally felt elated by the “quality” smoke.

The shop-keepers and manufacturers exploit this weakness of the customers to their advantage. The same company, manufacturing two products of the same quality, labels them differently – with one product prized higher and the other a little lower and markets them. Most customers choose the one priced higher, with the hope the quality will be better. A woman customer, noticing that I fell for this trick, told me the lower-priced product was also equally good. She told me that her mother had experimented with both the products and found them to be of the same quality.

Well, for those who are not familiar with the name Samuel Longhorn Clemens – he was known by a different label – Mark Twain.


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