Did the conquerors do any good?

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In history, no country was free from invasion by conquerors. But people with nationalist fervour and racial pride generally want to erase all traces of conquest. The same fanaticism renames the streets, towns and even the countries. I know I am entering into a controversy, I can’t help it. Bombay was renamed Mumbai. Calcutta was renamed Kolkatha, Madras renamed Chennai and so on. This national fervour – or call it by any other name – did not confine itself to India. Rhodesia was renamed Zimbabwe, Batavia was renamed Djakartha, Peping was renamed Beijing, Formosa was renamed Taiwan – the list is endless. Fine. But did the renaming ceremony bring forth any good to the respective geographical entities?


11 thoughts on “Did the conquerors do any good?

  1. I have not lived in any of the places that have been renamed. I would be interested to know how it played out. How long did you have to change your return address labels? How long did it take for maps and GPS to reflect the change. And finally what is the cost? Who pays for this? The Taxpayer? I suppose it is a reclaiming of national identity and that could be positive. Maybe or maybe not so much. Interesting post and thought provoking!


    • The change is at the cost of the taxpayer of course. In Madras city, now renamed Chennai, names of many streets have been changed. I remember only the old names, so do many other people. So do the cab drivers. What use is there in changing the names?

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  2. I live in Serbia, my Indian brother. Our State has seen a lot of turmoil and every time we took another name. The change is still making our life miserable with no hope for better life. I understand you completely. Good writing by the way.

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    • As long as it was a part of Yugoslavia, it was one of the leaders of the world. The later events made painful reading. Incidentally, Alexander the great, who was one of the invaders of India was from your country. (No offence meant. I accept it as a part of history)

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      • I can’t change the history, if I could, things would turn out better (I hope). However, overall situations are improving in the region, and now, we even started to work with India again. Truthfully, our biggest friends.

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      • Yeah, he was. We actually helped India build tractor factories, by giving all of our licences for manufacturing. Thanks to our good relations, India got their tractor busyness up and going, and in return we had open market with you guys. Those were some good times. I think we have “no visa” policy with India, so you might come visit.

        Indian shows are most popular here. A year ago we had many of them on national television. The most popular was Balika Vadhu. 😀

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    • As long as Serbia was Yugoslavia, it was one of the world leaders. Later events made painful reading. Incidentally, Alexander the great was one of the invaders of India. (No offence meant. I accept it as part of history)


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