Science didn’t make me an atheist

via Daily Prompt: Instinct

Science didn’t make me an atheist. On the contrary, it strengthened my belief in God. A human child needs a lot of care and attention for a long period so that its intelligence potential blooms to its full level. But the new born calf reaches the mother’s udder by instinct immediately after its birth. Every animal acts by instinct and not by any serious training by the adults. They choose or discard a plant or weed by instinct and not by training. When they have eaten some harmful plant by mistake along with their usual fodder, they follow their instinct, go for the precise antidote, eat it and throw out the entire feed along with the harmful one. You may not have noticed it. But the cowherds have. In fact, many of our indigenous medicines have been discovered by the cowherds and forest tribes who had keenly watched their charges going for antidotes after imbibing some harmful weed or plant. Who gave this instinct to the animals?


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