Am I nervous?


Are you a nervous person? You may claim to be otherwise. But experience tells us that no one can truthfully answer this question. Only a crisis would give you the opportunity to realize your own weakness or strength. I believed myself to be a person free from nervousness. But I wasn’t. I learnt this truth the hard way. In the examination hall. In the conference room where many higher ups were present. How can you find you are truly nervous or not? There are simple tests. Answer the following questions truthfully. Baba mail subjects you to so many tests. You dutifully answer them. You also accept their interpretation. Such questions and interpretations are as accurate as the predictions by a soothsayer sitting under a banian tree on one of the Indian road junctions. Well, I can promise you, mine is different. Here you go. I wish you all success.

  1. Do you forget the answers to questions when you are writing an exam, but you can recall the answers after you leave the exam hall?
  2. Do you stammer when called to give an account of your performance before the higher ups?
  3. My third question, ….well I .. have forgotten. Though I came prepared with a dozen questions on this subject, I forgot the rest of them because I developed nervousness after my second question. An examiner can also become nervous.                      You must remember the word ‘nervousness’ has another name. It is’cold feet’.

4 thoughts on “Am I nervous?

  1. Nervousness can creep in before we start to do whatever it is that is making us nervous., Like the exam situation. Once we are in and getting on with it the nervousness lifts. It is the same for me when competing at a horse show. I may be nervous but once I get to the show grounds, groom and braid my horse and get on for the warm up I am no longer nervous. But I am excited! That’s an ok feeling.

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