Ruminate and re-discover your faith

via Daily Prompt: Ruminate

Every one ruminates about the past. Some of the past experiences may be pleasant.Some may not be. My ruminations about my past have only strengthened my belief in God. Sounds paradoxical? But it is true. Many times I had regretted why I had taken a particular decision while in cross road. But later events proved that God had been on my side when I took such decision. If I had taken a different route, my life could have been ruined. No doubt some people had taken advantage over me. But in the long run, they have not gained anything and I have not lost anything. I have made some bad investment also. But that too gave me a valuable lesson about the wise way of investing money. Bad debts? Quite a few. But they never shook my financial foundation. The only rumination that really pains me is the thought of my father. If only he had lived a few years longer?


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