I have my own doubt about…..

via Daily Prompt: Doubt

Palaeo food is the new fad in town. I have my own doubt. Some years ago it used to be 1.22 litres of water in the morning. Later, it was followed by oil-pulling. What is oil-pulling? Put a tablespoonful of sesame oil in your mouth the first thing in the morning. Go on rinsing it between your teeth. Don’t spit it for as long as possible. It may be five minutes, ten minutes, or even fifteen minutes, depending upon your individual ability to keep such a mass of saliva in your mouth. Remember you have to go on agitating the saliva in your mouth. When you feel you can hold it no longer, you spit it out. NEVER swallow it. You are assured that ALL the impurities in your body, together with the harmful micro organisms are pulled out and you spit them out at the end. Hence it is christened ‘Oil Pulling’ A relative of mine who faithfully followed the remedy gave it up after trying it for many months and finding no worthwhile improvement in her health.  It is imported from Russia, we are told. As it is a product of a foreign country, that too the paradise of the proletariat, you should have no doubt about its efficacy. But, unfortunately, the woman in question was a bourgeois and the therapy failed to work in her case. That’s the only rational explanation I could give you. But why do I doubt the efficacy of Palaeo food? In palaeo food therapy, you have to forego almost all the food naturally found in the earth – almost all the fruits, legumes, cereals, cheap nuts, and so on. The recommended nuts like walnuts are prohibitively costly. I agree that refined sugar is harmful. But why the plantains, mangoes and apples are ruled out ? You are told that fish, eggs and pork are good for your health, but not chicken and meat. Can you blame me if I doubt the claims made about the therapeutic value of this recently discovered theory of health? No doubt I have an open mind and I’m subject to correction, if I ‘m proved wrong.


3 thoughts on “I have my own doubt about…..

  1. There have been fad diets as long as I have been alive. My Mother was a sucker for many of them but none of them really helped her. I don’t diet but I do try to do my best to eat in a healthy way. And I do eat desserts! And Fruit! So the Paleo thing would not work well for me! LOL!


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