via Daily Prompt: Heard

“Is what I heard about you true?”, our manager asked me bluntly without any preliminary formalities.

“What is it that you heard about me, sir?”, I asked him politely

“Don’t kid me. I heard that you married a young woman?”

“Yes, sir, I did”, I replied with a straight face.

My officer was taken aback with my straight forward answer. He probably thought I would deny that. My reply made him very much surprised. Shocked would be the proper word.

“So, the gossip at the office is true?”

“Gossip? What do you mean sir?”

“That you married a young woman”

“Yes, sir. I married a young woman. After all who would marry a old woman?”

“Are you joking?”, he seemed to be furious, “my question is why did you do that”

“Because, sir, my father and my mother asked me to do so”

“Your father and your mother? But you told me you lost your parents long ago?”

“Yes sir, I lost them both a year after my marriage. Soon after I landed a government job, my parents arranged my marriage with a young girl and I married her thirty-five years ago”




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