Recognize the importance of grand parents

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Many of us do not recognize the importance of the love and affection shown by the grand parents in bringing up the children. We engage baby-sitters who have no affection and love for the children who are not connected with them in any way. Besides, they may not be intelligent enough to develop the psychological potential of the children. In my case, it was my grand mother who instilled a desire to come up in life. She told me stories from Pancha thanthra (Literally, it means the five tricks or ways of living, in the form of stories and sub-plots dealing with the realities of life), the Bhagavatham (the story of Lord Krishna), Ramayana and Maha Bharatha (the two epics of India). The story session started after I finished with my school lessons and had my dinner. (In fact, if these two obligations were not fulfilled, the story session did not take place). Such sessions help to develop a love and respect for our heritage, besides providing a link to our ancestral culture, which in turn develop our moral strength. By playing on our imagination, it develops our intelligence potential.


6 thoughts on “Recognize the importance of grand parents

  1. I lost both my grabdfathers at a very early age. And my Paternal Grandmother a few years back. And not a day goes by when I don’t remember them and pray for the health of the only remains grandma I have, who too may pass any day now. I know the days she goes away I’ll lose a chunk of my childhood too because she was integral part of it. You are so right in saying that grandparents are important. I’m glad now my daughter is very attached to her grandparents. I hope it stays that way because grandparents love and protect you as much as parents do.

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