via Daily Prompt: Replacement

“Nathan, I need the services of an extra hand in my office for a couple of days. I’ll depute your typist to my office. You’ll get replacement soon” was the terse phone message I received from my superior. Our office typist, an Anglo Indian,is known for her dedicated work. English being her mother-tongue, she commits few mistakes in spelling or structure. Naturally, I have to forgo her services whenever my superior is burdened with work, which is usually during JFM. Surprised? In our official parlance, it means January, February, March – the close of the financial year. So, a couple of days in the message has got to be replaced with “Three solid months”. “Replacement” also  doesn’t give me much solace – as only a good-for-nothing hand would be posted to my office “temporarily”. After all, why should a person be sent to my office temporarily if that person is good enough to work there? I cannot protest. Because a replacement would be found for me soon.






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