The colour yellow

via Daily Prompt: Yellow

Until about a quarter of a century ago, a paste of turmeric was the only cosmetic substance used by the Hindu womenfolk. The colour yellow is considered auspicious among the Hindus. The four corners of the wedding invitation cards would be smeared with the paste of turmeric. Wonder of wonders, an atheist politician of our country started wearing a yellow towel to ward off evil forces as he was in the political wilderness for over a dozen years. Hi pristo ! Lady Luck smiled at him and the “rationalist” came back to power not once, but three times thereafter. Another rationalist politician started carrying a magic wand so that he could be ever lucky politically. There is no positive proof that the wand had helped him in any way. But the colour yellow has a different connotation in the legal context, at least in this part of the world, namely Tamilnadu which is a part of India. When you say a man has put in his “yellow papers”, you mean he has appealed to declare himself an insolvent by the court of law. So, a single word takes different hues in different contexts.


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