Filter Coffee

via Daily Prompt: Filter

Do you know what degree coffee is? It is the name fondly given by coffee addicts in Tamilnadu, India to filter coffee. Surprised? Yes. I was also surprised when I heard about it for the first time in Chennai (formerly Madras), India. What is the best way to get strong thick coffee? It is a technique. I’ll explain it for the benefit of my friends.

As a first step, grind your coffee yourself – not to a fine powder, but a little coarsely, so that the granules get filtered by the sieve in the filter device. Put the required amount of the coffee powder in to the coffee filter. Insert a round cylinderical vessel, the diameter of which is slightly smaller than the filter container. Press the coffee powder with that vessel so that the powder gets dense like a cake. A vessel will be better than the pressing rod given to you along with the coffee filter. Then place the pressing rod over the coffee cake. Pour hot and steaming water into the upper vessel containing the coffee powder. Place the lid tightly. Leave it for 12 hours. The thick coffee decoction  will collect at the bottom vessel. Mix it with hot milk and sugar to taste. You get excellent coffee.


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