via Daily Prompt: Invitation

You may have attended the marriage of your friends, relatives or acquaintances on proper invitation. But, have you ever attended the marriage of the gods? I have. All the people of our village, our friends and relatives in the neighbouring villages have also witnessed the celestial wedding taking place in our village every year. Every aspect of the Hindu marriage ceremony is scrupulously followed – exchanging garlands, tying the sacred knot (similar to exchanging wedding ring in Christian marriages), and so on. There will be a sumptuous feast at the end of the ceremony. But there will be no invitation letters for the guests. Why no invitation letters? My mother gave me an explanation. Once upon a time, in the days of her grand parents, invitation letters were also printed and given to the important people of the village. It is not practicable to send invitation letters to all the people in the village as the number will run into a few thousands, though every one could witness the ceremony and take part in the feast that followed it. It went on for years until a question was raised by some people. What are the criteria for deciding ‘important people’? Was the wealth of the people one of the factors? Well, the authorities conducting the ceremony couldn’t answer the question to the satisfaction of every one. So, printing and distribution of the invitation letters were stopped forthwith.


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