via Daily Prompt: Exquisite

A piece of art should be an exquisite creation of beauty. In that respect, I vote for conventional painting. They instantly attract our attention and make a deep impression on us. But not the so called modern art. Once an art critic said, “A modern artist views an object through a different perception”. An ophthalmologist gave a different version. “Because of some visual defect in the eye, some people have a distorted perception of objects”, he said. A general physician’s opinion differed. “People who suffer from migraine have visual distortion also”. In the case of artists, excruciating pain may also be an indirect bliss for them. They paint or sculpt objects as they visualize – in the background of an agonizing pain.  My observation may be a little pungent. They have a distorted view of things – in their mind or in their eyes or both. Even apes are said to draw some pictures if given a crayon and a board. They may pass off as a work of modern art if only the origin is not disclosed.


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