via Daily Prompt: Cling

It is surprising to me that the Indian communists still cling to the Marxian principles that have been discarded worldwide. Communist governments were installed in the East European nations “liberated” from the Nazi forces by the Soviet army towards the end of World War II with disastrous consequences. As long as the Soviet Union remained a ‘union’, the communist dictators of those countries clung to power. Fully exploited by the Soviet Union, those countries continued to wallow in poverty. While East Germany languished under communist tyranny, West Germany under free economy flourished, though both were of the ‘Ariyan’ race. The same with North Korea under communism and South Korea with free economy. Cuba under Fidel Castro (considered one of the saints of the Communist Faith) is not known for prosperity. “But”, you may say, “every one got bread?”. “Probably bread, but no butter” is my counter argument.


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