via Daily Prompt: Uneven

Some sociologists believe that uneven distribution of wealth makes some people get frustrated and turn to crime. In fact, the very ideology of communism is based on that belief. I beg to differ. I don’t come from a rich family. My father was a poor farmer who struggled to feed and educate me and my three other siblings. Coming to the pet theory of uneven distribution, who distributed what in the first place? Did God take upon Himself the task of distribution of resources among the people of the world? Or did the government do it for the benefit of the people? In the case of my grandfather, he divided the property to his three sons equally. My eldest uncle squandered it in seven years. My elder uncle spent it lavishly in ten years. All the three had been given equal opportunity of education and training in handling money. My father not only maintained it, but also developed it to some extent. Take the cases of families known to you. The same story will repeat itself. So, your theory of uneven distribution of wealth does not hold water. I can write a book on this subject. But you won’t have the patience to read it.


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