via Daily Prompt: Specific

“Suppose you see a man with one of his fingers missing, what will you think of him?”, a friend of mine asked me.

“I guess he might have lost it in some mishap?”, I replied.

“Be specific. What kind of mishap?”

“In war, for instance?”

“The chances of a man losing his finger in war is remote. I’ll give you a clue. The man was working abroad for some time”

“Be specific. Abroad means which country”, I insisted.

“Well, I’ll give you another clue. This country will not tolerate any crime against women – let alone groping her or touching her inappropriately, even if you stare at her a few seconds too long, you lose a finger or two”

“That seems to be a little on the high side, doesn’t it?”

“High or low is not the question. During the festival seasons, millions of people from all over the world assemble in this country and no untoward incident takes place against women”, my friend asserted.

Contrast this with another scene in another country-

A woman mustered enough courage to walk into a police station with a complaint against a man.

Woman: “Sir, this man is harassing me. He follows me into the bus and in the crowd, he gropes me and touches me ..”

Police Officer: “Be specific. Where did he touch you? I mean which part of your body? Be specific. What kind of dress were you wearing at that time?”

The woman ran away from the police station without pressing for a complaint.

(No marks for guessing the names of the two countries)


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