via Daily Prompt: Float

When I first saw the phrase ‘floating population’ for the first time, I was intrigued. Let alone the population. Can an individual float? He can, but not when he is alive. Every phrase or idiom I come across for the first time, appears to me to be ridiculous. Then I get intrigued. Later I become so fascinated with the word that I make it my own. People other than the permanent residents of a city qualify for the term ‘floating population’. Economists heap praises on these ‘floating population’. They are responsible for the financial boom of any city. The petty shop keepers, the platform vendors and the road-side eateries entirely depend on the ‘floating population’. Though I am fascinated with the phrase, I have no charm for the individual members of the ‘floating population’. Theagaraya nagar in Chennai has so much ‘floating population’, that the once peaceful. residential locality has become a paradise for the platform vendors and a nightmare for the residents. If you have a car, you cannot take it out of your gate. Life has become hell for the residents of Theagarayanagar.


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