Daily Prompt: Tempted

via Daily Prompt: Tempted

From eighty to sixty-four is no small achievement. But I succeeded in my endeavour. To be honest, I have to admit that the first part of stepping down from eighty to seventy-two took some years. It was succeeded by a flat period of about four or five years in which there was no appreciable upward swing or downward slide. Then, the climb down was slow and painful. It remained flat for a period of six to seven years at sixty-eight. But it was not quite stable. It was swinging between sixty-eight and seventy. Why this fluctuation? Because of temptation. Dipavali, the festival of lights and Christmas tempted me to eat more sweets and eatables fried in oil. This year was no different in my binge eating sessions during these two seasons. The large-hearted Christian neighbours tempted me with different kinds of home-baked cakes and unable to resist the temptation, I broke fast. There was a temporary shoot up in the scales. Fortunately for me, in anticipation of these two festivals, I had prepared myself with total denial of carbohydrates for a period of four months. Now I have come down to sixty-four, which is by no means the ideal target. It should be further down.It is a consolation that the two tempting festivals are a year away. Note: the measurements are in the French system – not the British. Soon after the British left our coast, we switched over to the French system of measurements – probably to spite the former.


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