Daily Prompt: Year

via Daily Prompt: Year

The name of this year as per Tamil  calendar is Dhunmukhi. The Tamil year Dhunmukhi corresponds to the Christian era 2016-2017. Yes. The Tamil New Year starts in the middle of April – the corresponding Tamil month is Chithirai.

Coming to the Tamil calendar, every year is named. Are the years named like the storms and hurricanes on an ad hoc basis ? No. They were named thousands of years ago. There are altogether sixty years named in the Tamil year. Why only sixty years? After sixty years, the calendar repeats astronomically accurately. The week days, the full moons, New moons, the eclipses, in fact every astronomical phenomenon repeats in the period of sixty years. If you are in possession of the Tamil calendars (called almanacs) for sixty years, you need not buy new calendars as the years roll on. Surprised? It is true. These almanacs (Calendars) were designed when there were no sextants, equitorials, sidereal clocks, transit theodolites, alt azimuths or telescopes.


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