Daily Prompt: Festive

via Daily Prompt: Festive

Let me first wish you all a merry Christmas !

A festive occasion consists of three components. The first is the ceremonial part. You observe the prayer at home and then visit the temple or the church or the mosque as per your belief. The second part is the gathering of the near and dear ones. They rush home from wherever they are working. That is why every train or bus is crowded during the festive season. The third part is of course  the gourmet’s delight – the feast. Before you dip your hands in the plate, you distribute the sweets and savouries to the neighbours. My Christian neighbours are very kind people. I received a sumptuous collection of cakes and biscuits this morning. Many people forget to mention the fourth part of the story. A day or two later, your bath room scales tip a point or two to the wrong side.


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