Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

Yesterday I met some employees of an institution during their lunch time. I waited for them to finish with their lunch. Some one among them said, I needn’t wait for them to finish lunch. I can tell them whatever I wanted then and there. Soon after lunch, they would disperse for their respective work-spots. I had to hurry up. I only wanted to tell them about the benefit of insurance and entreat them to take a policy for themselves. Yes. I’m an insurance agent. I had to be very brief in my address and I knew I would fail in my task if they showed no enthusiasm in my subject. Were they enthused in my talk? I couldn’t feel their pulse. I would know the result in a couple of weeks’ time. Mean while, could some one advise me on how to create enthusiasm among the possible clients to show some interest in insurance? I would be grateful to you if some one more experienced in the field could teach me the tricks of the trade.


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

  1. I cannot advise you but being a CAT aspirant suggest you something that never waste time on non productive clients or deals.To identify the time-wasters you need to undestand human psychology.Today customer easily believes in advertising,more than you its your company that has to work.All that you can be good at is clarity and keeping your point of view and definitely some dicy but not forceful language!
    Read ‘The Tipping Point’.

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