Daily Prompt: Relax

via Daily Prompt: Relax

Today’s prompt is RELAX. Yesterday it was ‘moody’. I believe the choice of the word ‘relax’ following yesterday’s ‘moody’ is not a mere coincidence. It is the author’s deliberate choice. How did I come to this conclusion? When one is moody, it is neither good for him nor anyone around him. If allowed to continue, he may easily slip into ‘depression’ which is a grave psychological condition requiring psychiatric intervention. What is the remedy? Relax your mind. But your mind simply refuses to relax when you are tense. Any antidote? There is one.

Sit in ‘sukhasana’ position and assume ‘chin mudhra’ – the tips of your index finger and thumb touching. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Leave your mind blank. Soon your mind will drift into ‘alpha’ meditation. If you are not comfortable in sukhasana, don’t worry. Sit comfortably on a chair and follow the procedure explained above. Soon you will go into ‘alpha’ level. This kind of relaxation could be obtained anywhere and everywhere – when you are waiting in the bus stand, or a railway station and so on. Chin Mudhra alone will be sufficient to achieve alpha level consciousness.



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