Daily Prompt: Moody

via Daily Prompt: Moody

How many types of moods are there? Quite a lot. A man may be in sweet mood, in irritable mood, angry mood, annoyed mood, ebullient mood, cheerful mood, brooding mood, the list is by no means exhaustive. As you can see, some moods can be described as positive – that is to say they have desirable effects both on themselves and on the others; and negative which have the opposite effect on both. As such, some moods are desirable and agreeable. But no one is pleased to have the epithet ‘moody’ associated with their name. Why is it so?

When you say a person is moody, you imply that his behaviour is subject to the prevailing mood. What created such mood in him? Some external force beyond his control. In other words, his mental equilibrium is destabilized by any external agency. To use more precise words, he is not in control of himself. Still confused? I shall place my arguments from a different angle. People with saintly qualities of virtue are not offended by the unpolished words of a boor. They are neither jubilant at tremendous success nor downcast by abnormal failure.



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