Daily Prompt: Fishing

via Daily Prompt: Fishing

‘Fishing in troubled waters’ is an old saying . The lawful claimants to this title are the politicians – or that was what I believed until recently. But another powerful entity rose up to claim the rights – the media. You don’t believe me? Just listen to the model reporting by the news reader of a popular TV. There is another man present at the scene of tragedy. He is relaying the news to the TV station. The news reader is asking him information about the ongoing situation and conveying the news to the listeners:

The News reader: Hello Ramsingh (an imaginary name), what do you see there?

The spot reporter: I see tons and tons of water running along the narrow streets and people perched up at the roofs of the houses.

The News reader: Do you see traces of anger on their faces?

The spot reporter: Yes, I do. They are cursing the government and the officials.

(The visual running in the TV shows the  spot reporter is hundreds of metres away from the affected people)

The News reader: Do you see any government official doing any relief work?

The spot reporter: No, there is no government official in sight.

(In the visual, some boats with naval personnel are seen)

The News reader: What do you think the people at the roof tops will be thinking?

The spot reporter: The people seem to think that at least some fishing boats could have been engaged by the government.

The News reader: Do you think the people suffering there might be happy if food and water were supplied to them from helicopters?

The conversation went on like this for some time.


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