Daily Prompt: Maddening

via Daily Prompt: Maddening

Maddening crowd.

Occasionally, (that doesn’t mean less frequently), our city is invaded by maddening crowd. What are those occasions? A politician in power may die and about ten million people, who have no worthwhile work back in their villages come rushing to the city to take part in the funeral. As no eateries would be open ( because the party thugs ensure closing them on pain of damage and destruction to the property and not because of any respect for the departed leader), the crowd would go hungry and thirsty. There would be a maddening rush at the railway stations and the bus-stands. Most of them will not buy tickets for the journey. If no politician in power dies, the birthday of a chieftain will be celebrated in a grand manner. Bus loads of supporters will be brought from the four corners of the state and the city will suffocate in such an unmanageable crowd of buses and people. Why does this maddening invasions repeat so frequently? Because, the crowd from the villages never fail to exercise their franchise in the elections whereas the city dweller invades the holiday resorts during the election days.


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