Daily Prompt: Martyr

via Daily Prompt: Martyr

“I shall be dead in half an hour”, announced Field Marshal Irwin Rommel to his wife and to his son Manfred Rommel in his house in Herlingen, Germany. They had already known that Hitler suspected that Rommel was involved in the unsuccessful murder plot executed by von Stauffenburg. “I will be given the choice of committing  suicide. If I take that choice, I shall be declared a martyr and you will not be persecuted. You will be entitled to all the benefits of the family of a martyred soldier”, told the Desert Fox, in a voice free of emotion. Donning the Field Marshal’s uniform,he bid farewell to his family and accompanied the SS officers who had been sent there for this purpose. In less than half an hour, he was given a cyanide pill which he bit and collapsed. He became a ‘martyr’ in the true sense of the word. Yes, a true martyr. He became disillusioned with the destructive policies of Hitler. He never approved the concentration camps and genocide of the Jews. He refused to execute the Jewish soldiers serving in the army. He was devastated by the destruction of his fatherland and believed an armistice and peace negotiations with the allied forces was the only way to save Germany from further destruction. Naturally, Hitler believed that the Field Marshal, who enjoyed the fame of a war hero among the German people should be eliminated quietly.



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