Daily Prompt: Vanish

via Daily Prompt: Vanish

What VANISHES from your mind very quickly? You may have a thousand answers. But my bet is on dreams.

Yes. Dreams vanish very quickly from your mind. They vanish within minutes of your waking up in the morning – especially when you start analysing and interpreting your dreams. It looks as if your innermost mind (the subconscious mind) doesn’t want to be probed even by yourself. Yourself means your conscious mind.

Dream analysis is the sure way of discovering what is buried in your innermost mind – your desires, your fears, the scars of your life, and also your hidden talents and potentialities. By analysing your dreams, a kind of mental equilibrium can also be achieved.

Is there a way of surmounting the dogged resistance of your inner mind from being fathomed through interpretation of dreams?

There are two ways of bringing back your dreams to your conscious memory.

i.  Recall and write down the dream or dreams IMMEDIATELY upon rising up from bed.

ii. Write down a few key words of your dream when you wake up after a dream during the night. You can go back to sleep. The dream has been ‘hooked’ to the key words. In the morning, at your own leisure, you can draw out the entire dream by looking  at the key words. You are pulling out the dream by the hooks you have put in. (In fact, the ‘key’ words may also sometimes prove to be the key to your inner mind)


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