Daily Prompt: Sacred

via Daily Prompt: Sacred

In our country, there are many sacred things. Let me take one by one:

Sacred thread.

Do you know what it means? It is simply a thread but with a deeper meaning. It is worn cross-wise by Hindu Bhramin (the high caste people in India) men across their shoulders. (Please note NOT women). The thread is worn by a boy at a young age after a ceremony. The boy is taught certain ‘manthras’ or occult words. It is supposed to be a secret. Thereafter, the boy continues to wear the thread throughout his life reciting the ‘manthra’ on sacred days. It distinguishes him from other ‘lesser born’ people.

 Sacred  places

Benaras ( Kashi) 

It is a sacred town for the Hindus throughout the world. Those who die at this station are supposed to go to heaven straight away without anyone to block their entry. Others, who don’t want to terminate their lives so soon may just have a dip in the sacred river Ganga and get blessed.

Apart from these, there are innumerable sacred places for the Hindus. Most of them are in the foot-hills of the Himalayas. Oh dear, I have forgotten Rameshwaram, in the south of India. It is also a sacred town. If a Hindu wants his ancestors to have a comfortable life in the Heavens,  he must visit Rameshwaram and do some ceremonies (with the help of Bhramin priests) complete with a dip in the Bay of Bengal.

Apart from these, there are also sacred birds and animals. The Bhramin kite is a sacred bird and the cow is a sacred animal. A Bhramin kite? Yes, the kite with white head and brown body. (You know white is a sacred  colour, don’t you?)


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