Daily Prompt: Vigor

via Daily Prompt: Vigor

Once, during a rehearsal in my college, I was delivering a monologue from one of the scenes from Othello. At that time, some girls started giggling for no apparent reason. This very much upset me and my recitation faltered. Later, my lecturer called me to his room and lamented, “There was neither vigor nor spirit in your facial expression or declamation of the famous lines. What happened to you?”. I sheepishly admitted that the giggling by the girls discomposed my self assurance. He looked at me in amazement and with mischief in his eyes, remarked, “Well, it seems to me you need a little basic lesson about the way Cupid works in our country”. He did not elaborate it. Neither did he attempt to teach me the basics of the subject he allured to. Nor did he explain whether Cupid adopts different ways of pulling his bow-string in different countries. To this day, I continue to be weak in that ‘subject’.


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