Daily Prompt: Pungent

via Daily Prompt: Pungent

Which is more harmful? The pungent smell or the rotten smell? Though both smells are harmful to the body, the pungent odour is more dangerous. Chlorine has a pungent smell. If you inhale it for a few minutes, your life will be in danger. In fact, the poison gas used during the First World War was chlorine. Comparatively, rotten smell may take a longer time to make any harmful effect on the body. The pungent smell of chlorine corrodes your nose and lungs. Does it mean all sweet smells are quite good for the body? Not necessarily. Long exposure to the sweet smells undoubtedly affect the body. But, even here, I have to qualify my statement. Artificial sweet smells (synthetic perfumes) are NOT good for your respiratory system. Long exposure results in respiratory problems. Splitting headache may be caused for some. That is why our ancestors preferred natural flowers for all ceremonies.


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