Daily Prompt: Liminal

via Daily Prompt: Liminal

If you want to find a solution to a difficult problem, go away from conventional thinking. In a way it could be called liminal thinking. In liminal thinking, you unlock your mind from the prison you have made yourself. To me, it doesn’t seem to be much different from lateral thinking. In both the systems of thought, you have to break away from the oft-beaten path. In Somerset  Maugham’s short story ‘The Verger’, the man gets a new idea when he discards his usual way home and stumbles upon an important discovery that the entire stretch of the new street had no tobacconist ! He opened a shop in that street and fortune smiled on him !. Try to do something in a different way. Talk to different kind of people. Have friends of different age-groups, of different occupations. These are simple ways of releasing your mind from the rigid set up.


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