Daily Prompt: Anticipation

via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

Nobody anticipated this economic disorder. Neither the professors of economics, nor the shrewd businessmen. Even the crafty politicians least anticipated this. That is why their first reaction was to acclaim the decision (even though they were wildly shaken in their inner mind) of the government and on second thoughts, they raised mild objections and later, vehement opposition. I never claim that I anticipated this. To me, economics is Latin and Greek. But, something happened a couple of weeks ago. When I was at the bank, the cashier asked us if any one wanted small changes like Rs 50, Rs 2o and five rupee coins. Most people rejected the offer. But I wholeheartedly welcomed it. I filled my bag with the small denomination currency and coins. I was so excited I paid another visit to the bank a day or two later and collected another set of small changes. A large sum of smaller denomination currency indeed ! That helped me tide over the present demonetization crisis. Rs 1000 and Rs 500 denomination currencies were declared invalid from the midnight of 8th November 2016 by the Indian Government. Do you think my subconscious sensed something when the cashier offered small changes? Consciously, I never anticipated a crisis was brewing. But I had heard a report as early as two years ago that a few economic wizards had met the Prime minister and suggested to go in for small currencies and encourage bank transactions for higher value money. That way, many problems could be solved – tax evasion, under valuation of property registration, black money and counterfeit currency. The shrewd Prime minister was said to have paid a patient hearing without any promise being given. Did that report sound any alarm bells in my inner mind when the cashier offered small changes?


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