The subconscious mind

Our subconscious mind records every event from our birth. It can reproduce every word it heard, recognize every scent it smelt, associate it with the event that took place at that moment, mimic every sound it heard. But how can you tap this vast source of information? (i) by hypnosis (ii) through dream interpretation (iii) through guiding the mind to a half-awake state by way of yoga or meditation. In other words, the conscious mind is lulled to sleep so that the subconscious mind dares to come out. But the subconscious mind is capable of spitting out only incoherent and cryptic messages. In a dream you may be given apparently irrelevant information and you have to find out the useful message through the correct interpretation of the dreams. The following illustration will make it clear:

You are preparing for a holiday trip and you are packing. Your four-year old daughter is nearby watching your packaging work. At that time, a woman with a funny nose borrows a book from you. After returning from the trip, you search for the book you lent to the woman. You have totally forgotten about lending the book. Coming to know what you are searching for, your daughter comes out with her help. “Mom, the micky mouse took the book”. You have no clue. You shout at her not to make a nuisance of herself. You do not know that your daughter knows the woman who borrowed the book only as ‘micky mouse’. The same way, if you correctly interpret the dream, you may come out with the proper knowledge.

In the case of yoga or meditation, your subconscious mind is liberated and enabled to find a solution from the treasure-house of knowledge it guards. The solutions may be funny or impracticable because the subconscious mind lacks logical thinking. But sometimes, the solution may be astonishingly accurate.


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