Daily Prompt: Percolate

via Daily Prompt: Percolate

When I saw the Daily Prompt Percolate, I didn’t get any idea about what to write. On such occasions I allow the word and the relevant thoughts PERCOLATE  in my mind. How do I do it? Just sit comfortably, join the tip of my index finger with the tip of my thumb and close my eyes and allow the thought percolate in my mind. (This posture is called ‘Chin Mudra’ in yoga parlance). Involuntarily you go to sleep. In outer appearance you may seem to be sleeping. But actually, you wake up involuntarily after a few minutes quite refreshed. Not only for writing your daily prompt, you can use this method even to find a solution for any difficult problem in your life. The solution appears on its own without any conscious effort on your part. What happens in your mind? You actually sleep. But this is a different kind of sleep. Your mind is protected from external stimuli. Percolation of ideas take place. (Even in a coffee percolator, you don’t disturb it. Put the coffee powder in the receptor, pour the hot water, put the lid and place it aside in a corner and leave it undisturbed. Percolation takes place unaided). I can give you a psychological explanation for this phenomenon. But the blog will become too long.



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