Daily Prompt: Tart

via Daily Prompt: Tart

In western countries, initially they recognized only four basic tastes – sweet, sour, salt and bitter. But the Indian tongue distinguished six different tastes many thousands of years ago, namely sweet, sour, salt, bitter, pungent and tart. Almost all fruits are sweet in taste. Honey is also very sweet in taste. Many fruits also contain sour taste, though in small quantity. In fact, the right proportion of sweet and sour tastes makes a fruit special in taste. Fermented  food like the curd contains the sour taste. So is the tamarind fruit. The bitter taste is represented by the bitter gourds. The neem fruit (Margosa) is a good example for bitter taste. Of all the birds and animals, it is only the crow that relishes the neem fruit. The pepper and the chillies are good examples of pungent smell and taste. Salt is known to every one. It needs no introduction. The sixth is the tart. This taste is also known as astringent. The skin of the pomegranate is a good example for the tart taste. (Many of you have heard the word ‘tart’. But you might have associated it with something not so venerable. Bur tart is also a taste) Most raw vegetables also are tart in taste. A decent Indian meal contains all these six tastes. So, the Indian meal with all these six tastes is considered a perfect balanced food. The Indian gooseberry, the cheapest vegetable contains all these six tastes. Hence, it is served as one of the items of food in all Indian cuisines.

Indian gooseberry.jpgneem tree.jpg

i. Indian gooseberries

ii. the neem tree



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tart

  1. Neem! that is interesting as I have a horse spray that contains neem and it keeps flies and mosquitoes away. It is not sold as an insect repellant as there are a lot of government regulations about those products but it works. Perhaps teh insects find the neem too tart!

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