Daily Prompt: Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy

Two decades ago, the conductors in the city buses were the reservoirs of filthy language. It is no longer so. Why the change? “The old set of less educated conductors have been retired. The present day conductors are mostly university graduates”, explained a passenger. “That is not the case sir”, opposed another passenger,”the doctors and nurses in the government hospitals borrowed the filthy language from the conductors, but they never had the courtesy to return them to the conductors. So the conductors are severely suffering from short supply of the commodity”. Probably the man had some bitter experience at one of the government hospitals in the city. “No sir”, yet another passenger came out with a more rational explanation, “the conductors are undergoing public relations training every now and then”. This sounded more reasonable. The first two statements are self contradictory. Then why doesn’t the government extend the same training to the doctors and nurses in the government hospitals also? The reason is simple. The doctors and nurses are not devoid of courtesy and polished language. The trouble is they leave them at the cloak room when they arrive at the hospital. They collect them while returning home and never forget to  adorn themselves with these while going to their private clinics they run after the duty hours at the government hospital.

nurses-in-talkBus conductor.jpg


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