Daily Prompt: Lofty

via Daily Prompt: Lofty

Reading Tolstoy stories, Gandhiji’s Experiments with Truth, and other books, I wanted to follow lofty ideals in my life. But I thought one couldn’t follow many ideals at the same time. So, after long deliberation, I chose two ideals I would follow in my life. The first was to tell the truth, nothing but the truth. The second was ‘to love thy neighbour’. Everything went on smoothly for some time. One day, during the lunch-break, the bully in my class smoked a cigarette and put out the stub in the class room itself. The stub was noticed by the first teacher who came to the class in the afternoon session. He called the students one by one and asked each of us to name the boy who smoked inside the class room. Every one shook his head. When my turn came, I pointed out the bully. Needless to say, the boy was punished. But the matter did not end at that. When I came out of the school, a terrible fate was waiting for me. I was severely thrashed by the bully and his associates who weren’t decent boys themselves. I learnt a bitter lesson. ‘Discretion is the better part of valour’ is also an ideal to be followed in one’s life. One has to be prudent in one’s life. My first lofty ideal was replaced by the latter one. A little later, my neighbour vacated his house and another family came to occupy it. The interesting thing was he had a beautiful daughter. Immediately, I fell in love with the girl. I expressed my love in a lofty language on a piece of paper and sent it to the girl by the next post. The postman was indiscreet enough to deliver it to the father of the girl who happened to be a wrestler (which fact had escaped my attention) and I had to learn a very bitter lesson from him. I threw my second ideal also to the winds.


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