Daily Prompt: Vegetal

via Daily Prompt: Vegetal

If you are a boy of fifteen or less, and if your neighbour catches you smoking, he may report against you to your parents. You may not find this strange. But if the same neighbour catches you eating meat and if he threatens that he would report the matter to your parents? You may be surprised. What is there to report? My neighbour did exactly that. He caught me tasting biriyani (a mixture of rice and meat cooked together along with other condiments) in a restaurant in the nearby town. I was shattered. I pleaded with him not to inform my parents. Do you think it is strange? That means you have very little idea about India. Here, a good many people are accustomed to eating only food of vegetal origin. (My computer doesn’t accept the word vegetal.  The word is underlined red. Probably it is carnivorous by birth). Unfortunately, I belong to one such group of vegetarians. Mohandas Gandhi, the great leader and father of the nation ate meat while he was studying in England. Later, he felt quite ashamed because he had broken the promise he had given to his parents while he started for Europe for his higher education.


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