Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

Last night (Indian time), around 9.30 pm, I sat down before my computer to write a piece on ‘Second Thoughts’. But I had  second thoughts after hearing the BBC news. Let me wait for a few more hours. By that time the result would be decisive. Which result? The one predicted by one of our ancestors. The usually reliable simian predicted that a male would win the election. (You remember the prediction by an octopus about the outcome of a cricket match? Now it was a simian who predicted the outcome of the result. So far as the news bulletin goes, he has established himself as a  competent astrologer.) I had some hesitation to endorse this prediction by an unusual soothsayer. Hence my prudential wait. Now, 11 a.m. (Indian time), our ancestor has established his reliability ! As a matter of fact, I read this prediction through a newspaper column about a couple of days ago. I was quite sceptic (or skeptic as the Americans would like it to be spelt) about it. Probably the voters had a second thought on it !


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