Daily Prompt: Base

via Daily Prompt: Base

“Two of our planes did not return to base”. The terse statement issued by the Base Commander did not betray any remorse. But it does not mean the people at the base had become so inhuman  as not to have any emotion while giving this plain information. When inflicting heavy damage on the enemy base, we certainly have to pay a price – some times a heavy price. But … what happened to the pilot? the co-pilot, the rear gunner and the other crew if it were a bomber? The fate of those brave warriors are buried in the womb of time. Some of the stories surface again – when some of the lucky ones emerge from the enemy prisons after the war. Some unlucky ones totally disappear. Some pilots are picked up, arrested and sentenced to a prison term by a court – if the enemy state is civilized enough and follows the Geneva convention. Francis Garry Powers, the American reconnaissance pilot took off from a military base in Peshavar, Pakistan, in 1960 and went on a mission across the then Soviet Union. He never returned to base. Later, the Russian radio croaked that they had shot an U2 plane of America when it was flying over Sverdlovsk, USSR. Some years ago, I saw a report in the newspaper that an expedition party had stumbled upon a Second World War American fighter plane in the middle of the Sahara desert. It was one of the planes that did not return to base. There was drinking water in the storage section, a surprise that after so many years, that too in the desert sun, the water had not evaporated – a tribute to the American technology. But what happened to the crew?. There is no answer to the question.

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