They make you laugh when you remember the time…..

It happened when I was in the tenth class in the High School. Our Hindi teacher was a very strict man and his punishment for failure to do home work was severe. He would ask questions about the lessons he had taught us the previous day. We had to give the Tamil (my mother tongue) meaning of the random Hindi words he chose from the text book. I hadn’t done my home-work . When my turn came, he asked me the Tamil meaning of the Hindi word ‘Ke Jariye’. I didn’t know the meaning  but I thought of a clever way of escaping punishment. The Hindi teacher was very weak in English. So, I gave the meaning as ‘according to’ in English. I thought he may not acknowledge the fact of his weakness in English in the open class. The ruse worked. He passed to the next pupil with his next question. I laughed within my sleeves. I never suspected my relief would be short-lived. In the mean time, our Hindi teacher consulted our English teacher. He had served in the army and he was fluent in spoken Hindi. My game was up. My penalty was re doubled the next day. Recently, one of my classmates came to my house. After a cup of coffee, we recalled this event and had a hearty laugh together.

laughing men.jpg


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