Daily Prompt: Copycat

via Daily Prompt: Copycat

Some years ago, I took part in a seminar attended by people from different fields and also from different levels. During lunch-break, I interacted with all the people without any discrimination. One woman asked me if I was free and accessible in the office also. In my reply, I named a particular philanthropist and said I wanted to follow his principles and ideals in my life. Another well-known woman present there intervened and said, “Don’t be a copycat. Be yourself”. The words were short and crisp, but full of meaning. Yes. Be yourself and not be a copycat. Put your stamp in your field of activity. In the cine field also, actors who are copycats of other established artistes never succeed in the field. The cine fans want to see every actor as an individual. That is equally true of politicians also. Col. Gaddafi was a copycat of Col. Nasser. Gaddafi continued to be a colonel throughout because he was fascinated by the name Col. Nasser. But he could never reach the level of glory of Nasser.

col gaddafi.jpgCol. Nasser.jpg



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Copycat

  1. You know it is the reason why it said that a man’s ideal can be no one other than God because if you study any human being,you will not come across a single human being who has not committed a sin or is flawless and perfect.At some stage or the other everyone commits mistake and has a quality that is irritable!


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