Daily Prompt: Eerie

via Daily Prompt: Eerie

There was an old tiled shed adjoining the Swami Vivekananda Library in Kanyakumari (Cape Comerin), the southern tip of India. It was about fifty metres from the famous shore temple. What was the tiled shed for? “It is the cemetery of the white sailors who died in the ship -wreck”, I was told. Returning home, I asked my grand mother for more information. “Yes. During the First World War, a drifting ship ran aground about five kilometres from here. Two sailors died. They were the ones buried near the library. The flag-pole you see in front of the Church was gifted by the captain of the ship to the Church. Almost all the parts of the wreck were removed. Some parts left out are still visible above the water”. I couldn’t control my curiosity any longer. I reached the site of the wreck  in an hour. Nothing but an eerie silence welcomed me. There was no human being visible anywhere in the vicinity. An ‘L’ shaped part of the ship was visible above water. I sat down on the sand and allowed my imagination to run wild. The ship and the crew might have played an active part in the First World War. How long did I sit there, I have no idea. But an ear-splitting silence frightened me. I walked towards the main road with the eerie feeling that some one was following me. ( The ‘L” shaped part of the wreck is no longer visible now)


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