Daily Prompt: Giant

via Daily Prompt: Giant

I was very much elated to read the government order against detention of pupils from class I to VIII. I was not a pupil in elementary school when the order came. Then why was I happy about it? There lies a story behind it.

While I was in the second standard, there were two bullies in my class. They were senior to us by one or two years because they were detained students. In that way, two students in the fifth standard were the meanest bullies. So, detention in the elementary classes are not good for other ‘scholars’.

Unable to come to terms with the bullying tactics of the elder students, I took refuge in stories about the giants in mythology being vanquished by dwarfs. I very much relished the story of David and Goliath in which the little David brings the giant Goliath down by using his sling and a stone.

At the high school classes, I was impressed by the poem ‘The battle of Flores’by Alfred Tennyson in which the poet had immortalized the small ship ‘Revenge’ and the captain Sir Richard Grenville. The small ship ‘Revenge’ was able to inflict heavy damage against the giant-like Spanish ship San Philip.

In modern life also, political giants have  been defeated by novice entrants to politics. What was the sling they used against the giants? Their tongue – that is their oratorical skills.

David and Goliath.jpgThe Revenge.jpg


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Giant

  1. Hi nathaswami,
    I’m not sure to what extent you familiarized your young self with the Norse myths but they liked giants and dwarves a good bit for some reason. Must have been all those short, cold days and long, cold nights. Here’s an interesting website on all of that stuff, with links to the ones about giants (a lot) and dwarves (appropriately, just a little):



    …as well as a bunch of other stuff.

    Kind regards, MSOC

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