Daily Prompt: Bridge

via Daily Prompt: Bridge

I find it difficult to bridge the gap between me and the present generation even though they are only the “abridged” versions of the elders. Even their vocabulary is different. When I say I cannot connect myself with the present generation, they say they cannot “plug in” with the oldies. The Oxford Dictionary is more considerate with them. Year after year, they go on revising the dictionary by including the words our present generation uses among themselves. I am sure that the word ‘oldies’ will get its honourable place in the dictionary by the next revision. Their grammar also defies logic. We were taught that the word ‘discuss’ should not be followed by ‘about’. But the younger generation freely defies the convention.

Let alone language and grammar. Even in the field of music, you cannot bridge the gap. Their taste is different. When you enjoy Beethoven and Mozart, they go in for loud rock music. The generation gap can never be bridged.



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