Daily Prompt: Rearrange

via Daily Prompt: Rearrange

Cleaning, removing cobweb and rearranging things in the house is not an easy job. That is why house-cleaning is done once a year. It may even take the whole day. But when doing the dreary job, unexpected rewards may be waiting for us. I have retrieved many lost objects while cleaning and rearranging things. Rearranging is not limited to household articles only. If you are stuck up with any problem and solution proves to be difficult, rearrange the data. The solution will dawn on you. When every one was stuck up with the treacherous clause of a pound of flesh, Portia (of Merchant of Venice} rearranged the facts of the case and came out with the brilliant solution – not a drop of blood should be spilt. If you still fail in rearranging the data, you allow your mind to settle for some time. A fresh mind will reward you with a clever solution by rearranging the given data. If you find it difficult to calm your agitating mind, go to sleep. Your dream may come out with a solution. If you interpret your dream wisely, you will find the solution. The dreams usually use the code language (as in the cartoons). If you interpret the concealed idea correctly, you will arrive at the solution. Elias Howe, the inventor of the correct needle for the tailoring machine, after trying many methods in the selection of a needle for the tailoring machine, went to sleep quite exhausted. There was a dream in which some cannibals were dancing around him with their spears. After waking up from the sleep, he recalled one important fact in the dream. There was a hole at the tip of the spears held by the cannibals! Elias Howe put the hole at the tip of the needle in his tailoring machine and became a millionaire ! (Look at the needle of your wife’s tailoring machine in your house)

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